The first time I participated in a Laughter Yoga workshop with Julie Plaut Warwick, I was completely mesmerized by the experience. I’ve always known that laughter is therapeutic, but to see and experience it first-hand through Julie’s workshop was transformative. Julie helps you laugh, she helps you cry, she helps you giggle, she helps you release emotions you didn’t even know you had. Julie knits people together in an experience that is a must-have for any organization wanting to build engagement, caring and community. Ha Ha Ho Ho Ho!
— Ellen Allard, Brookline, MA



Bellevue College
Jewish Family Service of Seattle
Jewish Federation of Greater Seattle
Congregation Shaarei Tefilah Seattle
Hospice Multicare Health System, Tacoma


Temple Beth Or, Everett Wa
The Healing Center of Seattle,
Evergreen Hospital
Eastside March For Justice
Open Window School
Congregation Herzl Ner Tamid
Lios Play it Forward Event
Temple Beth Jacob, Concord, NH
Jewish Chaplaincy Council of MA.


I hired Julie to do Laughter Yoga with my staff and faculty at our back-to-school retreat. Even though it was our culminating activity after a long day, everyone was engaged and found value in learning and experiencing Laughter Yoga. Julie has a lovely presence and made everyone feel at ease with this ‘risk-taking’ activity. I loved how she tied it into teaching and working with our gifted students at Open Window School.
The participants in your Laughter Yoga at “Playing It Forward” indicated that your session was the favorite of all the sessions offered at that event. Thank you so much for your willingness to contribute to the success of that event. Thank you so much for generously sharing your beautiful authenticity… it’s contagious.
— Kal Taylor
Laughter is great medicine...really it has been scientifically proven. And Julie Plaut Warwick knows how to make you laugh. Our broken world can certainly benefit from lots of laughter and Julie is a great facilitator. In less than 5 minutes, at the recent NewCAJE Conference in Northern California, she had the entire conference healing through the wonderful medium of humor and laughter.
— Judy Caplan Ginsburg
Laughter Yoga seemed far outside my comfort zone but I decided to try it after seeing Julie Plaut Warwick wow the crowd at the NewCAJE opening ceremony and she did not disappoint. She is engaging and funny and encouraging. No need to worry if you have any mobility issues, she seamlessly includes everyone and makes it all work. Laugh with Julie, you’ll be happy you did.
— Cecile Kowalski
Laughter has so many faces that enlighten, reflect, alleviate, hurt, and heal. It requires the most sensitive, compassionate, and strong enabler to help oneself touch its source and bring it alive as a support, building block, and force field to move forward. Julie Plaut Warwick is an expert enabler who helps you find that source, light it up and bring it out. I have never loved laughing so much until I engaged with Julie, my friend and my laughter soul mate!
— Michal Morris Kamil Camille
When we laugh, we experience a change in our brains, even when it is not in response to humor. We are hard wired to laugh to relieve stress, to wake us up, and to help us focus. Laughter yoga will give you a technique to purposefully engage your innate ability to work through anxiety and stress. A natural way to bring about a form of healing that we carry with us all the time. Laughing is a free medicine that fully approved, and the side effects are that you light up a room.
— George Kelley, Indianapolis, IN
Julie Plaut Warwick can make you laugh until you cry! What a release of pent-up emotions and feelings that float away with laughter. Laughter IS the best medicine, especially the way Julie so brilliantly demonstrated at the New Caje 8 conference in California recently. We all got something out of it. She is a master at this technique, as well as a therapist. Well done, Julie!!!
— Susan Rancer 


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