Celebrate the End of one year and the beginning of another one with a workshop on gratitude.  What are you grateful for this year and what did you miss the mark on last year that you want to change for this year?  In this workshop we will explore how to have a positive outlook on life.  We will make Teshuva journals and celebrate our year.

Rosh Ha Shanah HA HA

Let’ Laugh ourselves into a new year!  We will celebrate The New year with JOY!

Laughter In the Sukkah HA HA

Let’s Enjoy a Joy Cocktail in the Sukkah!  We will shake it up and down, side to side and forward and backwards! We will experience the Simcha of being in the sukkah and fully immerse ourselves in Joy!
Invite guests into your sukkah for a Laughter party.


We will celebrate the 4 aspects of Joy at our party!  Singing, Dancing, Laughter and playing.  Learn new laughter exercises such as dreidle laughter!  Connect with each other in a joyous way

Tu ’bi Sheva HA HAt

Connect to the earth.  Let’s plant a gratitude garden filled with the things that we are grateful for.  This program will focus on Positive Psychology, and gratitude while sprinkling in some laughter so we can feel grounded and rooted in our own bodies and then able to branch out to the community!


During the Month of Adar we are commanded to increase our Joy!  Join Julie Plaut Warwick as she leads you in a Laughter Party.  We will sing, Dance, Play and Laugh!!  Your Joy will be increased, and your gratitude will overflow!

Pesach HA HA

This program will focus on anti-bullying.  Figure out how to combat oppression with Joy!


Experience a Laughter Workshop and open yourself up to receiving the Torah!  Laughter exercises are paired with yogic breathing to create a feeling of openness!