Gather your friends and get together for an amazing time of fun, friendship and frolicking! Laughter Party will include laughter, dancing, music, play and lots of laughter and silliness!
Duration: 1hr
Min Participants: 4- Max participants:20


I hear you! It’s time to move on telling our stories and rewriting new ones. In this intimate
workshop, we will tell our stories, change our perspectives, and rewrite our new stories. Learn
how to honor your old relationships (personal or professional) and move forward. Please bring
something with you that you would like to transform). This item will be cut and you will create something new and beautiful with it. Items can include but are not limited to pictures, clothing, ritual objects (must be able to be cut). The result of this workshop will be a very personal beautiful piece of art that will transform your perspective and encourage you to move forward in your life.
Duration: 2.5 hours
Min Participants :4 Max participants:15


This unique class will help you to heal emotionally and physically after major surgery or loss. We will gather together your support system and laugh together for the health of it.  So often after surgery or a major loss people feel as though they cannot laugh.  This circle will be personalized to your specific healing needs. Laughter is said to be the best medicine and good for what ails you.    I will create a ritual for you and your community to help guide you to complete healing and wholeness.
*Please note that if you have had stitches or staples put in we must wait for at least 3 months after surgery (no busting a gut) and have clearance from your Dr.

Duration: 1 hour
Min Participants 4